Friday, May 1, 2009

What have!

It was my second scrapbooking home class and I was very nervous. Fourteen people were coming over and the class was at my house. I had everything all set, and these ladies all walk in. Normal-looking people. We get to the cropping photos stage of the class, and one of the ladies brought out pictures of her and her boyfriend naked. Asked me for help.

Same class huddled in a circle to decide who was going to buy what sticker pack. Total sales from a 14 person class - under $200. Not very funny, and she acted like taking naked pictures was completely normal.

- M. M., Michigan


Anonymous said...

People bought under $200 and that wasnt good enough?

You're missing the fact that they bought something. You sound very ungrateful and selfish.

Consultant Calamities said...

I think some people misunderstand how these home parties work. I used to sell CM. I know that Creative Memories consultants make only 30% of sales. Say that sales at this party were $175. 30% of that would be $52.50.

However, the consultant doesn't get to keep all of that. She has to pay for catalogs, order forms,
hostess gifts, and chip in for the (so called) "Free" stuff that the hostess earns. Believe me, that all adds up. So when I had low sales like that and earned about $52, after coughing up about $30 (or MORE) of that $52 for various expenses to even put ON the party, plus paying taxes on the piddly amount that I DID earn...I'd end up with about $5 an hour (and sometimes LESS) for my time. There was time prepping for the party in packing, getting materials together and driving there. Then the time at the party (which could be 2-3 hours.) Then add in time AFTER the party to unpack, place the order online, etc. Each party could take up to 5 or more hours of a Consultant's time.

And for all the crap that Consultants have to deal with (as evidenced by this site), many would be better off working for $8 an hour at McDonald's.

So a home party with sales of UNDER $200 is a bummer, especially for a Creative Memories Consultant. ESPECIALLY when there were 14 people in attendance!