Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's That Smell??

I was having a scrapbook class at my house. We had recently moved to our home and didn't know the house too well, as we had only lived here for a month or so. The guests came down into my basement and I started teaching the class.

All of a sudden, I smell something A.W.F.U.L. I just figured that someone wasn't feeling the best, and did my best to ignore it. Soon it became too hard to ignore. One of my customers started to gag. Another spoke up and said, "What's that smell?" They all started saying "not me," etc.

We soon found the culprit - my drain was backing up into the BASEMENT! I told the ladies that I wasn't going to finish the class there - that we should go upstairs and if people wanted to leave or finish the class upstairs we could do that. They all said they were FINE. So, with watering eyes I finished the class - completely embarrassed that my basement smelled like crap. Sales were low. I wonder why...

- M. M., Michigan

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Mindi B.A. Bookworm said...

Well, at least the ladies were troopers and stayed even though they didn't buy much. You must be a really great hostess for them to have stayed.