Friday, May 8, 2009

Crap Booking?

I had a scrapbook workshop up at the local Catholic school. It was in early December and despite winter weather warnings we still had the crop. The school graciously allowed me to use their marquee sign out in front and put up "Scrapbook Sale Today" with the times, etc.

The snow was AWFUL. When it was time to end the crop, we were literally snowed in. We couldn't open the doors because the snow drifts were about 4 feet high. Thankfully, the janitor came with the snowblower to plow us out. It was quite comical.

I was asked by the school if I could remove the "Scrapbook Sale Today" sign off the marquee so they would have a fresh sign for Monday. Two of my clients overheard me talking about this and volunteered to do it for me. They went out twice to remove the letters but due to the weather, some of the letters would not come off. What letters stayed on the sign? "CRAP TODAY." Boy, did that ever describe the weather or what? We brought some warm water out to the sign the third time going out there to get the letters off.

Eventually we were able to clear the sign while the janitor plowed the rest of us out. It was a very fun night.

M.M., Michigan

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