Wednesday, May 6, 2009

...And God Spoke...

The best story I have involves my Mother-in-Law. Despite the fact that she is an avid paper crafter; mostly cards, but some took me two years to get her to host a Creative Memories party for me. I arrive on time, ready to go. Her friends were all at least an hour late.

Then we start to hear some thunderstorms. We kept lady told me she wanted to take all her photos and burn them as she felt she would die soon and her children would never want them. Now, how do you recover from that!?

Then, as if GOD HIMSELF decided to answer her comment, there was a huge flash and BOOM, and the lights went out! All the party guests ran out of the house and took off in their cars. I didn't sell a thing and my Mother-in-Law never had another party. I laughed all the way home! What else was I going to do?

- Anonymous

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