Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Become a "Follower" of Consultant Calamaties

I want to thank all of you who have visited my site in the last few days. It's really exciting to see my hit counter go up so quickly! (Simple things amuse me.)

This is partly due to shameless self-promotion, and largely due to a mention on a great, really popular blog called Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds.

You MUST check out the crazy (but true!) stories on Wide Lawns, she is an EXCELLENT storyteller!

Also, click on my right sidebar to become a "Follower" of Consultant Calamities. I have Followers now!

My husband is amused at the sudden upswing of my site counter, and he's also amused by my Followers...

Now, I need your help: I have some more stories "in the can" to post over the next week or so, but I need YOUR help with more stories to keep this site going! So don't be shy, click on my gmail address to the right and send in YOUR Home Party story! You'll get to see your initials in print! You'll be quasi-famous!

New story coming tomorrow...

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Wide Lawns said...

Thank you!!! You are so sweet. I am now a proud follower. You can follow me too if you aren't already.