Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Black" is the new "Clean"

When I was Pampered Chef Consultant, I traveled about an hour for what I thought would be a pretty decent party. I arrived and begin to unload the car.

I start to unload my crates and look down and see the sand in the carpet. She hasn't vacuumed AT ALL. Ok, the food isn't going to be hitting the floor. I now need to use the bathroom before the guests arrive. Apparently cleaning the bathroom is a foreign task. The toilet bowl is black, not brown or rusty, BLACK.

There's no soap to be found in the bathroom. Thank goodness I had my Pampered Chef soap dispenser so I at least was able to wash my hands appropriately. Just for giggles, I peeked behind the shower curtain and the tub has never been cleaned.

It's now time to do the party and the guests arrive. We have a great time at the party. I brought the dishes into the kitchen. Picture this: the counter is a wrap-around from the kitchen into the dining room. There is so much stuff piled up, that one more thing on top will cause an avalanche. Now, on to the sink. Stainless steel is gray, from what I remember. This sink was black from never being cleaned.

So now I need to toss some rubbish away. Get this, there's food splattered up the side of the refrigerator and on the wall right next to the rubbish. I never went back. On the way home I just wanted to open my windows and throw out everything we used. And yes, I did scrub everything I brought whether or not we used it.

- E. F., New Hampshire


Nadya 's World!!! said...

Ewwwwwwwwww!!!! That is just nasty!!! I wouldn't be able to even stay in home like that.... Ewwwwww!!!!!

Controlling My Chaos said...

Eeeew. That would gross me out big time. I don't know how people can live like that.