Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a Gem

This happened when I was a consultant for a jewelry making company (Gems to Jewels). The way it worked was the Consultant would bring everything needed to make jewelry. Those at the workshop would design their own piece of jewelry and the price was based on the stones and silver they used.

A friend hosted a workshop, one of her guests wasn't sure she could make any jewelry but really got into and got very excited about the whole process. She booked her own workshop. In the two weeks leading up to her workshop we talked often and I was excited that she would have a fantastic workshop. I arrive and set up - it took a long time. The hostess is chatting about what she wants to make and how her friends are going to love this.

Well 10 people show up. I do my intro and explain how it worked. They are all smiles. Then when it is time for them to start picking out beads. They all open their purses and start pulling out stuff they went to the craft store and bought. Once I picked my chin up off the floor, I pulled the hostess aside and asked her if she understood that if her friends didn't buy my stuff she wouldn't get anything free as hostess credit. She said, "I know, we just want to learn how to make our own stuff. Come on, be a sport!"

This again put my chin on the floor. I excused myself and went to the bathroom, called my husband and just said wait 10 minutes and call me. I went back into the room with the ladies and started to teach them about making jewelry.

My phone rings. I look at the phone and say, "Sorry ladies I need to answer this, it's my husband."

Me: "Hi honey, I'm teaching a class what do you need?"
Hubby: "You told me to call you."
Me: "Oh no! How serious?"
Hubby: "What are you talking about?"
Me: "I'll meet you there just as soon as I can get there."

Then I said: "I am so sorry ladies but my Mother-in-Law has been taken to the hospital, I have to go. We will have to do this another time."

I quickly packed up all my stuff and dashed out of there. A bold-faced lie, but I don't teach for free and refused to be used.

A.W., Kentucky


Anonymous said...

I think that was a very creative solution to a very difficult, uncomfortable position that lady put you in.

Just A Scrappy Gal said...

WOW....that's awful! I would have been upfront and told her that I was leaving and they could learn on their own. That's what Google if for! Geez!!!!

Aleta said...

People have nerve! I make jewelry and it's time consuming. I constantly have friends that ask me to teach them and want to use MY supplies without paying. I had to start saying, "I don't sell my supplies and if you want to learn, I'm part of a beading society where I teach.. the cost of the classes are..."

Reading Fool said...

Oh I wish I had thought to do this all the times people did this to me with scrappin' stuff. You ROCK!