Sunday, June 21, 2009

Become a "Fan" of Consultant Calamities on Facebook

Hello Everyone! I'm amazed and thankful for the stories and feedback that I've received on this site, thank you SO much. I appreciate any comments and emails.

If you're on Facebook, you can become a "Fan" of my Facebook page for Consultant Calamities:

Consultant Calamities Facebook Page

Come on over and join, it only takes a minute! Plus, I'll post when there's an update, and you can converse with other Fans.

I've received some great stories, but I still need MORE STORIES to keep the fun going! Click on the gmail address on the right to send in your story.

Help me to spread the word by forwarding the link to this site to other friends, too! I appreciate any help I can get with that.

Stories from Consultants (or ex-Consultants) are great, but I also welcome stories from Hostesses or Guests of these parties. So if you have a story from a Hostess or Guest point of view, don't be shy!

Also, stories about "extra pushy" Consultants are more than welcome. Let's submit those so we can all cringe at them as well! ;-)

New story coming tomorrow.

- Calamity Queen

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