Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Dog Ate It

Some years ago, I was hosting a National Scrapbook Day with five other Consultants. We were all bringing snacks for the customers to munch on during the day. I like to bake, so I decided to make a buttermilk pound cake as my contribution.

I put the cake together, baked it and placed it on the counter to cool. Then, went to gather everything together for a National Scrapbook Day event. When I returned to the kitchen, a couple of hours must have passed. To my horror, I discovered that my Australian Shepherd, who could not be trusted when any food was left on the counter had eaten half of my cake. She had eaten as much as she could reach.

Although this dog had pulled whole roasts onto the floor to eat them before, I had forgotten about her as my cake was cooling and now I had only half a cake. In the end, my customers had to eat cookies and my family got to eat the remaining half of the buttermilk pound cake that was left untouched by our Aussie, who rarely got the opportunity to indulge in such treats again.

T.T., Mississippi

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Nadya 's World!!! said...

Oh that is funny at the same time so sad..... :) at list there were cookies though... :)