Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Means No

I recently attended a Pampered Chef hosted by one of my friends. She mentioned that the consultant wanted to sign her up to be a consultant herself. My friend was pretty open about how that wasn't her thing, but she was willing to host a party anyway.

During the party, the consultant kept saying "Don't forget to host a party for Sandy! She will be signing up after the close of this show." My friend responds with "I'm not sure I'm going to be a consultant", to be nice and polite, seeing as her friends & family were all around for the show.

The consultant mentioned similar comments about Sandy signing up for the entire show, but it wasn't until the orders were rolling in and she had 1 on 1 conversations with the guests that she really went over the top. For each and every guest who paid her, she said "Which month is best for you to host a party with me?" All guests said they were not interested in hosting a show at this time. The consultant responded with "Well, Sandy will be signing on very soon, so how about we set up a time to host a party with her?"

All guests declined as nicely as they could. I waited til the end and of course because I was one of Sandy's best friends. The consultant pushes and pries to get me to host a show. I had to be blunt and say "Sandy isn't even going to be a consultant and I've had about 10 Pampered Chef shows of my own, we are all good!".

Sadly, she's still persistent via e-mails!

D.Z., New Hampshire


Aleta said...

Hence the reason I don't hostess shows. I can't stand tactics like that...

Dee said...

People with that sort of persistence amaze and horrify me. She could probably sell bikinis to eskimos, though..