Friday, June 12, 2009

We're on a Mission From GOD

I had a crop in the basement of a school and we had SPECIFIC instructions on how to use the elevator. The instructions were posted in the elevator, outside the elevator on both floors AND I went over the instructions specifically to the gals that were with me helping me unload the scrapbook stuff from my car.

The plan was to unload the inventory in the elevator, then take the stairs down to unload the elevator in the basement. One of my customers didn't follow the instructions and the elevator became stuck with all of my inventory in it. We needed that inventory out, PLUS we needed the elevator working because the stairs were horrible to haul scrapbooking stuff up and down. Not knowing what to do, we ran next door to the convent. It was 8:30 at night. Sister A. answered the door in her pajamas and bathrobe and was TICKED. Why was she ticked? Not because we came over at night. Not because we didn't follow the directions. Not because we may have broken the elevator. No; Sister A. wasn't happy with us because...

...we interrupted the Red Wing Hockey game.

Sister A. was such a big hockey fan that even the statues in our school lobby wore Red Wing Jerseys (seriously). She gave us her keys to fix the elevator and I sheepishly gave her the keys back the next day. She also got a bigger donation than normal for letting us use the school basement...

M.M., Michigan

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