Thursday, July 23, 2009

Namby Pamby

This happened to me about 9 years ago; fairly early in my CM career.

I had a customer, let's call her Namby Pamby, book me to be the "craft" at her daughter's birthday party. I only knew her very casually through one of my best customers. We set the date and I got everything ready, including arranging to take my kids to a sitter. Then a few days before, when I called to get directions, she had a BIG sob story about how her husband was renovating their house, and it wasn't done and could she possibly come over to my Creative Memories workshop room and do the craft with the kids and bring a cake for her daughter.

Even though I wasn't comfortable with the idea, I agreed because I felt bad for the child who was turning 10 and really seemed into scrapping at the home party where I originally met these people. AND, my husband would be at work all day and never know that I agreed to this nonsense. I did tell Namby Pamby that I was going to cancel taking my sons (then about 5 and 3) to a sitter, since I would be in my house and didn't see any reason to take them elsewhere just for an hour.

The day of the party arrives, and when she gets to my house, she orders pizza sent to my home (which she pays for) and has cake and ice cream in my kitchen. Oh, and she forgot plates and cups which I provided. My children got to watch the whole thing but were not included. However, siblings and moms of the birthday guests (other little boys) who I was not being compensated for, were invited to eat pizza and ice cream. My house at the time had a family room right off my kitchen, and my kids just kept looking over and I kept whispering "Its OK guys" to them. Now, I get that my kids are not her party guests, but I thought it was kind of rude to do all this and basically take over my house with her three children and with four other families.

At the end, she paid me $35 for the five girls that were the party guests ($7 each was what I quoted her to come to her house and do a page for her daughter from each kid). She put the pages in an album that my good customer gave her for free. AND, left to go home to make dinner for her husband "who will be so mad if I am not there" and LEFT one of the child guests at my house whose mom was on the way!

BOY, did I learn a lot from this experience! Namby Pamby still attends crops hosted by my good customer and I never email her ANYTHING or keep in touch with her in any way. When she does pop up at an event, she always asks me 40 questions about all products, dithers back and forth about "what should I buy" and buys nothing. AND, I heard from others who know her, that her husband is a lazy slug and that the renovation/house being torn up thing is going on fifteen years now, and that she uses that excuse all the time!

I took my kids out for pizza and ice cream that day too, to make it up to them and they still make faces whenever I tell them Namby Pamby came to an event.

Its been about 3 years now so maybe I am finally rid of her. I know its not nice, but deserved.
- M.P., Delaware


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