Monday, July 6, 2009

Tastes Like Chicken

Some friends and I attended a show offered by Pampered Chef. The Consultant was teaching us how to prepare a few different meals so that we could have all the ingredients prepped, cooked, and frozen for quick weeknight meals.

She was all excited talking about how to save time with her recipes, etc. The hostess chose chicken for the meals. While the Consultant was going through the motions of showing products as she was putting the meals together, she started cutting the chicken and touching it with her bare hands. She then proceeded to pick up all these spices and touch her products to show them NUMEROUS times without ever washing her hands.

I made a mental note after a few woman gasped to never touch any of the products she fondled during her presentation.

I hope no one left with salmonella poisoning!

- D.Z., New Hampshire


Laerke said...

Ewww... I hope somebody complained afterwards. Who knows what else she contaminates!

Tramadol said...

That's just eww. A consultant? She should be given a lesson on elementary cooking. You never touch anything after handling poultry without washing your hands!

@Learke: I agree. Although I hoped that someone called her on it the first time she did it.