Friday, July 3, 2009

Thanks for Nothing!

I remember one customer who never bought very much who called me one day and asked me to label every sheet of paper with what color it was on the back of it for her. She said she would be at my house at 5:30 to pick them up.

Well, I wanted to be accommodating and a good Creative Memories Consultant, so I left early from my good paying job that day and came home and tagged every damn piece of paper with the color name. I had it ready for her.

She never showed.

Later that night or maybe it was the next, I don’t remember, she called and said she got tied up that day and couldn’t make it. She never did come get that paper. I’m still finding sheets of those papers around my house even after we flooded from Katrina. It got put in boxes I guess, and stored away. All those little tags with the colors written out. She never bought anything. Never called again. Frankly, I wouldn’t sell anything to her again if she called. That type of customer I don’t need.

- T. T., Mississippi

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