Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Said That?!

I was at an adult toy party as a guest and the Consultant was really great. She was funny, kept the crowd going, and still managed to cover all of what she wanted to present.

One of the things she did to keep the room hoppin’ was a quiz-type game. She asked a number of curious and suggestive questions that elicited big eruptions of laughter and silliness.

Meanwhile, I was kind of quietly chatting and giggling with a friend toward the back of the room when she asked this question: "What is the Male G-Spot?" Reflexively, and not all that loudly, I answered “The prostate gland”.

Suddenly, more than half the room turned to look at me (I die of embarrassment when any kind of public attention is drawn to me, ahhh!) and the Consultant said, "That’s Right! The Prostate!" Which drew everyone’s attention back to her until a friend of mine turned back from the front and said:

"Wait a minute! How did you know that!!!


- Anonymous

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