Saturday, August 1, 2009

A Home Party of a Different Sort

I was a Mary Kay rep in the early 90's when I was about 19 years old. A friend of a friend contacted me about having a "Mary Kay party" (I think they're called classes now). She said she'd have 5 guests and she asked me what they would be doing for the party. Using the MK lingo at the time, I said we'd be doing a facial and a makeover. The "party" was scheduled for a Friday night. I was so excited! This was only my second party!

I played phone tag with the guests for a while, finally nailed them all down to interview them and put my case together making sure I had the correct colors and formulas for each girl. I got all dolled up, as Mary Kay requires, and drove 45 minutes (on a 2 lane dimly lit highway) only to pull up to yard full of cars and loud music blaring from her house. I wondered if she forgot our appointment. No, she hadn't, my hostess tells me extra girls showed up and instead of 5 we'd be a party of 12 now!! Isn't that great?! Ummm, yeah, except they all appeared to be intoxicated. I could tell by the fact that they were dancing everywhere, including the table I needed to set up on.

The music is turned off and I start to set up. My hostess gets everyone seated and then informs them that I'd be giving each girl a facial and then doing their make-up so they could go out after. I got concerned real quick. I had told her on the phone that THEY'D be giving THEMSELVES a facial. (Side note: I hated used the word facial because I knew people thought "spa facial" when all it was was cleaning your own face with MK products. It felt misleading.)

I instructed the girls on how to start cleaning their skin and then the complaints started. They thought they were coming to get a facial and their make-up done! I explained to them that I couldn't touch their face, etc. and they wanted to know, could I make an exception? No.

Then they complained because I wasn't applying their make-up myself! I explained I wasn't a cosmetologist (and honestly had no idea how to apply make-up...MK doesn't actually teach you that.) I also said that this was a SALES presentation for Mary Kay products. That's when I realized they had all been expecting some type of free spa night where they'd get facials and made up so they could go out on the town afterwards. They had no intention of buying any products! Oh well, I did the best I could for the rest of the presentation, figuring I was, at least, getting a little practice in. Five hours of my time, gone forever. I got out of MK shortly thereafter. It was just not for me.

- V, Louisiana

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Anonymous said...

Great story. I was an MK consultant for a very short period of time and always thought that it was odd that we were supposed to use the words "facial" and "makeover" when we were setting up appointments when we were really just demonstrating the products. I guess it probably sounds more appealing from a marketing point of view but I, too, felt it was a bit misleading.