Monday, August 10, 2009

You're Never Too Old

I hosted a Passion Party earlier this year for my Mom's Group. I was so excited, as were the ladies who were attending. Then the Consultant showed up...

A Passion Party is a party where you can buy stuff to put a little "wink and a nudge" into your love life. The Consultant showed up with her 75 year old mother.

Yes, you read that right...75 year old MOTHER! Here is this woman, ready to sell us sex toys, and she brings along someone who reminds me of my Grandma! I had no idea she was bringing her, she had never mentioned it, but what was I supposed to do? Make the mom wait in the car?

Now, even though the Consultant was selling bedroom goodies, you would have thought she would have dressed sexy/professional. Nope...for the entire duration of the party, we could see her bootie and boobie. She was dressed like something out of the Junior's department circa 1995. Tight, and spandex.

If you thought the 75 year old Mom wasn't enough, then how about the fact that the Consultant informed us that we could use strawberry-flavored, edible nipple cream to soothe sore breastfeeding nipples! Yup...breastfeeding "tips" at a Passion Party.

We had the best time, not because of the product she was selling, but just because our Consultant was so far off her rocker that all 13 of us in attendance could not believe what we had just seen! It was great!

- K.P., California

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Pudge450 said...

Actually, I can't imagine hosting a party like that for your own MOTHER.