Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hello, Everyone!

I know its been ages since I've posted on here, and I wanted to explain why...

First, we were on vacation. I intended on taking a couple of weeks off blogging in late August and early September...but the weeks dragged on, as we've been fighting sickness in our house for a while! Our child was sick, then the husband was sick with a VERY bad virus, and then, despite trying to take precautions, Calamity Queen also went down for the count...


For the record, I'm not sure it was this H1N1 virus everyone is so freaked out about; child just had a run-of-the-mill cold, then about a week later, husband and I were sick as dogs with a virus that was very hard to kick. It was the weirdest thing; after about a week we felt better for about 2-3 days, then had a re-lapse that lasted ANOTHER week. Neither of us went to the doctor; we just stayed home from work/activities and tried to rest. They aren't even testing people for H1N1 around our area, they are just telling people to stay home and recover and not spread germs!

Lots of people have "cooties" of all kinds lately, it seems. I hope all of you are staying healthy!
Second: I did receive one (FABULOUS) home party story that I will post soon...but to be honest, I'm out of stories. I have a couple of my own, but I NEED MORE STORIES!

Please email your funny home party stories to: Remember, the stories don't need to be elaborate; and they can be from the point of view of a hostess, party consultant, guest or anyone involved in the home party process.

I do have a few other things I can post as I wait for more let's get this party started again!

The Calamity Queen

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scrappysue said...

sick kids DO tend to slow one down!

happy sits day - hope it was a fun one for you!