Saturday, November 14, 2009

With Friends Like That...

When my husband landed his first job after graduate school, we had to move to a new city where we knew no one. I had trouble finding a job and making friends, and I was miserable. I joined a networking group for young women and started attending meetings, hoping to get job leads and meet people. One night, I sat next to a very pretty blond girl, and we chatted all night and made plans to meet at the mall the next week. We had a great time walking around, talking, having lunch, and she asked me if I wanted to come over to her house that weekend for a makeover. Sure!

I showed up to her house, and it was a one-woman Mary Kay party. She was a new Consultant and had taken me on as a "project". There was no conversation, no friendliness, just point blank discussion of how to cover my faults with her make-up and what weird hands and feet I had. I was at her kitchen table, being told how to apply eyeshadow like an idiot child, when her husband walked in with their dogs and had a conversation with her about dinner, totally ignoring me. She didn't even introduce us.

At the end, she said, "So is this the best you've ever looked?" I tried to be polite, and said, "It looks great." And she said, "Well, if you get everything I showed you tonight, which I recommend, it'll be $212, and here's how to make out the check."

I was floored but still trying to salvage what I thought was a possible friendship. "I don't mind buying a few things, because I'm glad to help support you, but I really just came over tonight to hang out with a new friend."

Her answer? "That's great for you, but how does it help my bottom line?"

She should have kept up the chummy salesmanship just a few hours longer. I was out of there with nothing.

- D.D., Georgia


Nicolasa said...

haha oh man. 212 dollars!?!? FOR REAL!

I'm just a girl. said...

omg- I was just talking to the husband today about something similar to this in my life.

Why is it that these days you can't make friends??? Seriously everyone either has their best buds from diapers or "social friends" aka the ones who will call to have you pick up their kid becasue they can't because they are running late to meet their real friend at a movie, and hey thanks, "you're the best"
Come on! Are we friends or am I just a go to gal?? You owe me something, either an invite to dinenr at your house or a check for the counseling session I took on while you witched about your ex and I charge a $100 an hour for childcare, yep its steep, but hey you said I was The BEST!