Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What's That on the Wall?!

I had two friends who were getting married, and since we have an interesting sense of humor, I decided to throw them a tea party/sex toy party as their bachelorette party. We were having a good time, and the woman was showing us some things when she pulled out a somewhat large purple dildo that had a suction cup at the end. She licked her hand, smeared it on the suction cup, and smacked that thing on my wall. She was telling us how great this product was (Mr. Dependable, if I remember correctly) and easily removable and all that great stuff.

So she leaves it up on the wall. I don't think anything of it, really. I would say like, 10-15 minutes later, she pulls Mr. Dependable off the wall and…there is a HUGE circle mark on my wall. It ripped the paint off! My friends are all gasping, she says, 'Wow, that's never happened before.' I live in an apartment! These aren't my walls and now they have a huge, dildo circle on them! Everyone is saying things like, 'you won't notice it' and all that stuff.

I didn't say anything to her because it wasn't a HUGE deal and we go about our business and she leaves. My husband gets home and looks at the wall and says…'What's that?' Of course, I must then launch into the story. Not only do I need to tell my husband the story, but quite a few people notice this on the wall.

We moved out about a month ago and, before we left, we stuck a remote control holder for the ceiling fan over it so that we wouldn't have to explain it to the landlord. If we'd had the right paint, I would have covered it up, but I guess a control holder will work just as well.

- D. H., New York