Monday, May 17, 2010

Raise Your Hand if You've Ever had this Happen Before...

I'm so glad to finally have a funny story to share!!

I'm a Scentsy (wickless candle) consultant. One day, I got a call from a lady who bought some of our warmers overseas, and needed some new wax. She heard about me through the neighborhood grapevine, and asked if she could come take a look (sniff) at the scents that I had in stock. I gladly invited her over.

The day she came over, I had everything set up at my kitchen table for her to try them all and see which ones she liked. Half-way through our conversation, she asks me how I like being a Scentsy consultant. I tell her that it's a lot of fun, and that's mostly why I do it. I still have a full-time job, and I just do Scentsy on the side. She goes on to tell me that she wants to tell me about her business, and she says that if I "love money," I'm going to love what she has to offer.

As she begins telling me about her company's line of "shapewear" that is supposed to instantly take you down 3 sizes, I begin to wonder if she really did come here for Scentsy at all. She's got her own sales pitch down pat, and she's going a mile a minute. I should note that this lady is black, because after she has just about wrapped up her spiel, she looks at me and says, "I'ma be honest witcha. I need a white girl." Not only did she want to try and sell me one, she wanted me to become a consultant under her and have me tell all the other white girls I knew, because she wasn't having enough success "breaking into the white market." She then proceeds to pull a garment out of her purse and say, "So can I put you in one?"

Thankfully, I come up with a great, and completely honest, excuse. I had a kidney transplant, and I can't wear something that will constrict my torso so much. I barely refrain from using the word "violently." Honest, from the pictures she's showing me, it really does look violent, what that piece of clothing is doing to those women. It's almost like corseting, and they do promise to permanently decrease the size of your mid section over time. I probably could use a little help in that area, to be honest, but I don't want it that badly!

So, I politely decline, but assure her that if I hear of anybody interested in something like that, I'll definitely refer them to her. Again she says, "Anybody who loves money will want to do this, because I do very well!" Yeah, right. She completes her purchase of a few Scentsy Bars, and leaves, visibly upset. I wonder to myself if she thinks I'm lying. I could have lifted my shirt and displayed the 12" scar across my stomach, but I thought the whole thing was just so funny and insane that I didn't even care if she did think I was lying.

If anything, I learned a great way to NOT get people interested in my business!

- A.D., Louisiana


Janet said...

Ugh! Sadly, I've had experiences such as that. And even more sadly, I've BEEN that person trying to sell someone my thing while purchasing theirs! I don't do it anymore! At least she did actualy buy some Scentsy bars.

Audra said...

Yay! I'm so glad my story was posted!! Thanks!