Sunday, June 27, 2010

Finally - A Home Party for a Great Cause

I recently read in Redbook magazine about woman named Sarah Symons from Massachusetts. She started a nonprofit organization called The Emancipation Network. You can click on the Made By Survivors site for more information.

The organization helps rescue women and girls from sexual slavery. After visiting a shelter for rescued girls in Nepal, she purchased some hand crafted items that the girls had made, and brought the items back to the United States. She threw a "Shop for Freedom" party. Women at the party bought the crafts, and hosted more parties. The profits were sent back to Nepal.

You can also purchase items directly on the site, or host a party. I'm wondering how much of the money goes to Consultants and Hosts, and how much goes back to the organization.

Any thoughts? I'd be more likely to host a party for a cause like this; although I would like to know what percentage is sent back to the girls and women.

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