Friday, June 18, 2010

The Mary Kay House

How would you like to go in together and buy a house with your Mary Kay "sister" Consultants? These ladies did just that. Here is a link to the pictures of the house on a Facebook page (which, for now, is still public):

Scary Kay House

How do you like the "shrine" to Mary Kay above the fireplace? Cuh-reeeeepy.

I also sent this information to the fabulous site Pink Truth, where the site owner posted the photos and her thoughts on the house. I've been meaning to post it on here, as well. I wonder if the Consultants are still each able to pay for the their share of the house.
This is a bad idea on so many levels.

Can you imagine having the responsibility to pay a portion of mortgage and taxes on a house, with your fellow Home Party Consultants? If you've ever been a Consultant for any Home Party, you know how difficult it is to make a consistent amount of money every month. At times, it's difficult to make any money at all. Some of the MK Consultants are Directors, but that is a tough position to hold, and many lose their Directorship in a short period of time.
What will they do if a few of them default on payments? The others will have to make larger payments, or they will eventually have to sell the house.

Plus, who's job will it be to clean the toilets? That's what *I* want to know!

*Thanks to a friend for finding the Mary Kay house online and sending it to me!*


Tracy in KY said...

The house itself is very pretty.

But to go in together with other consultants? Are those ladies crazy?

That whole thing is just a disaster waiting to happen.
I wouldn't be surprised to see them all in a lawsuit against one another when the house goes south.


Glamaramababy said...

Hello to Tracey! Know you from PT!

I agree! What a nightmare! I've NEVER heard a good story about two people who are not married buying a house together. Let alone MK consultants! They must be at director level or above and KNOW that they won't walk away from their businesses (like I did.)

I'm sure whoever had the idea thought it would be a brilliant way to get people to REALLY COMMIT to their businesses! Geeze! Once you are part owner of this house, how the heck would you walk away without ruining your credit, reputation, etc! Oh wait! These are MK people. There credit is already ruined!