Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Southern Living at Home is now Willow House

Hello, fellow Calamity followers.  I've had a very difficult few months and let the blog lapse.  However, I'm BACK and have several news stories to share with you. 

I'm still looking for funny/strange home party stories, so feel free to send those in! 

Has anyone heard about this news? The home party company Southern Living at Home has now been changed to Willow House. It was sold to Entertaining at Home.

Southern Living at home was one of the home party businesses that I half-heartedly attempted for a couple of years. I loved their products, but up here in the Northeast, the Southern Living "brand" isn't as well known. Their catalog had beautiful things...I'd show it to people and for some reason, they'd say "Wow, what a beautiful catalog!" And then they'd invariably say "But none of this stuff would go in my house."

Anyone a Southern Living at Home/Willow House consultant? Any thoughts?  


Willow House said...

Hi my name is Nanci Burt and I am a Senior Director with Willow House. I have been with the company for almost 9 years. Our change is incredible. Of course I have fond memories of the name Southern Living at Home, but our new redesign is fantastic. Visit my website to see what's going on!
You can now order right online!

Willow House said...

You were right on the money about Southern Living at HOme's name wasn't recognized in the other parts of the country~~~hence the name change!

Anonymous said...

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