About Me

I'm a recovering direct sales consultant.  ;-) In 2000, I signed up to be a scrapbook consultant for the company Creative Memories.  At first, I had a lot of fun teaching scrapbook classes and holding workshops.  I loved to help others make scrapbooks for their families.  

It took me a couple of years to start making a decent amount of money.  I worked HARD, and some months I made about $500-700.  However, I was working way, way too hard to make that.  I was working 20 - 30 hours or MORE per week.  Full time work for part time pay.  It was supposed to be "part time work for full time pay."  

Thinking that I could make more money, in 2004 I decided to take on another Direct Sales Company, Southern Living at Home (now Willow House.)  I thought that I was pretty good at sales, but I wanted to sell a product that people take home, not sell them a project they had to work on (like scrapbooking).  

Silly me, I thought that people would like to buy knick-knacks more.  I did book some parties, but people had trouble with brand recognition.  Southern Living Magazine wasn't as well known in New England.  

So, what's a direct seller to do?  I quit Southern Living at Home, and in 2006, joined Silpada Designs, a silver jewelry company.  Three times is the charm, right? Well, for a while it worked...sales for these jewelry home parties were HUGE...I just finally decided that I was done.  
Sick of it.

Sick of home parties.

Sick of selling.

Sick of recruting.

Sick of it all!

However...I am still very interested in direct sales.  I know a lot of people who are still in direct sales.  I have a lot of great stories about the home parties I attended or hosted.  That's where many of the funny stories came from.  I'm also still interested in news stories about direct sales companies.  

This is a place to talk about the crazy world of direct sales.  Crazy things that happen at parties, the things consultants and representatives do to get their businesses off the ground.  

Do you have a direct sales business? How do you really feel about it?  Post on the blog, email me at: consultantcalamities@gmail.com
or post to our Facebook or Twitter pages.  I'd like to hear from you, too!